How I made a productised service for solopreneur gtm and build in public crowd

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I’ve always had tremendous respect for indie founders and makers. The hustle, vision, and grit required to build something from scratch, often alone and while bootstrapped is c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ admirable. The solopreneur gtm is something that gets left behind.

And while each maker’s journey is unique❄️, many face similar challenges when it comes to validating their idea, getting early traction, and scaling sustainably.

After years of seeing repeated cycles, I’ve started doing teardowns — in-depth analyses and suggestions for indie products. My goal? To provide value and support to founders in those critical early stages.

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How I decided on an early productised service

It’s important to “drink your own champagne”, “eat your own dog food” etc.  Meaning- I’m not going to charge on and assume that indie founders and <$100k ARR founders are out there wanting feedback. 

So I went hunting to validate. 

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Screenshot- checking on priorities

Alongside reading countless posts in Indiehackers, Reddit, Hackernoon and Linkedin, I noticed a theme. 

indie founders
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IndieHackers/founders to me fell into two camps.  “Marketing and sales sucks and I’ll do anything to be free of it” “Marketing/sales isn’t a priority, because of X,Y,Z”

Build in public

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I’ve set myself a challenge to connect with as many founders as I can between now and the end of Jan ‘24- providing quick wins in an async guide.

I discover makers and products through communities like IndieHackers, Reddit, and Product Hunt where makers generously share their journeys. After signing up for their product, I take a deep dive analysing

  • The core offer and messaging
  • Who their target customer is
  • How they could improve conversion
  • Quick wins to build trust and credibility

How I help Indie Hackers with solopreneur GTM and marketing

I then compile my teardown into a custom report, sharing relevant advice and growth strategies tailored to their business.

gtm strategy doc

My teardowns focus on actionable suggestions across content, positioning, partnerships, and more. I steer clear of broad generalisations in favour of specific, tactical ideas. And I provide a roadmap and next step plan they can choose to implement.

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It’s incredibly fulfilling to support founders who are putting themselves out there. If I can shorten someone’s path to product-market fit with strategic feedback, I’m happy.

This is not a shortcut or replacement for getting in the trenches yourself. I see teardowns as a way to get an outsider’s feedback, put in supplementary legwork where needed, and give founders space to focus on crafting an exceptional product.

If you’re an indie maker who thinks your business could benefit from an in-depth teardown, just reach out! I’m always eager to analyse products and provide support however I can. 

Indie Founder Teardown I’m productising a very scrappy, “low ticket” offer for #indiebuilders on X. $30 gets a teardown/ action plan offering (until end of Jan ’24) with the aim to connect with & support 50+ founders.