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PR coverage is a key (and often challenging) element of SEO. It’s highly sought after, and requires persistence, creativity, and knowledge. 

Incorporated into a robust and cleverly executed SEO strategy, HARO (now Connectively) link-building acts like a secret weapon. And what about haro alternatives? We’ll cover a few of those too.

It’s excellent for branding and quickly securing logos on your landing page. 

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free platform that connects journalists with expert sources and is useful in boosting your startup presence when you’re getting started. When sources get featured, they receive a backlink from the post,which helps improve their SEO.

Get featured in an article and earn a backlink to your site. When a journalist includes your input, they’ll link to your site. This brings in more referral traffic, boosts your rankings for targeted keywords, elevates your domain authority, and enhances brand visibility.

Getting started on HARO (now Connectively)

Create a detailed profile highlighting your expertise

HARO screenshot
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Choose relevant email category alerts and topics

haro how to pitch

Quickly reply to queries with a concise, insightful pitch
(you might like to use a template like)
“Hi [NAME]

My name is {name} and I have spent much of my career working as a growth marketing consultant across B2B SaaS. In 12yrs of working in this industry, I have taken multiple SaaS startups and apps to market. Here’s my take on your query-{your answer and links}” 

Provide a unique angle and perspective while answering their question

Get featured and secure a backlink (hopefully!)


  • Lead pitches with credentials and experience
  • Keep responses brief and useful
  • Customise each pitch, don’t use AI…
  • Act quickly to increase chances
  • Build relationships with journalists (I’ve met a bunch via Linkedin)
  • Create content that adds value, (not fluffy garbage)

The HARO platform is changing. Startup operators and marketers especially can now be more effective with their pitches as free pitches are limited to 5 per month in a bid to reduce AI generated respones. 

How do I quickly establish SEO authority in a startup?

According to HARO, over 75,000 journalists and bloggers use the platform, including major names from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch. A link from such sources can significantly uplift your rankings.

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Credit: Screenshot of Connectively platform

Your dashboard is a centralised area where you can see deadlines, topics and outlets as well as pitch directly. 

You must excel in your field. Vague, irrelevant, or low-quality responses won’t cut it. 

Alternatives to HARO

Another paid platform, limited to 3 pitches per month on their free tier, it’s got (subjectively) the most beautiful and intuitive UI of all the platforms.

Credit: Screenshot of Featured.com
  • Help a B2B Writer
Help a b2b writer

Help a B2B writer is a recent find of mine, recommended by a Head of Marketing on Linkedin. It seems to be a heavily vetted community which is favourable for both writers and publishers. They also have an attached community Superpath 

Pro tip — HARO /Slack workflow

Staying on top of relevant HARO requests can be time-consuming. Set up custom Slack notifications so you never miss an opportunity that matters.

Step 1: Define target keywords related to your business (e.g. “kayaking”, “paddle sports”)

Step 2: Create a Gmail filter for HARO emails that include those keywords

Step 3: Get a Slack incoming email address from your desired Slack channel

Step 4: Add the Slack email as a forwarding address in your Gmail filter

Step 5: Verify the forwarding address when Slack sends a confirmation code

Step 6: Confirm the filter to forward matching HARO emails to Slack

Now you’ll get real-time Slack notifications when HARO requests match your target terms. No more manually checking emails!

HARO provides a valuable way to gain backlinks for your startup, crucial for SEO, but it requires strategy and effort to truly benefit from it.

What is PR strategy for a startup

An effective PR strategy for a new company focuses on core objectives like announcing launch, conveying your value proposition, building brand awareness and recognition, generating goodwill amongst users and establishing a founder/CEO as an industry thought leader to build trust and credibility.

How to use HARO for SEO?

Strategic ways to use HARO for SEO include setting alerts for relevant keywords, regularly responding to media queries within deadline, providing unique, insightful commentary as a source, politely confirming if the backlink can be retained once quoted, and tracking resulting coverage linking to your pages.

What is HARO technique?

The HARO technique involves acquiring relevant media placements as a source by responding quickly to reporter queries, demonstrating subject authority, communicating clearly, building relationships with journalists over time, and leveraging the brand halo effect from established publications.

What is a HARO in PR?

HARO, short for Help a Reporter Out, is an online service that matches journalists writing stories with expert sources willing to provide commentary, statistics or insights, serving as essentially a PR pipeline for securing media coverage and backlinks. Signing up is free and sources can filter queries by topic.

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