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I provide plug-and-play, productised services for seed stageB2B SaaS startups. My expertise offers growth experiments and product  marketing to help your business rapidly validate, launch, and scale.

  • how to start seo marketing

    how to start seo marketing

    As a small marketing team or solo founder, it can be challenging to continuously publish high-quality, optimised content while balancing all your other responsibilities. One way to streamline and scale up your content production is through a programmatic approach using web scraping and templating tools.If you’re curious how to start seo marketing, check out programmatic…

  • GTM strategy for startups

    GTM strategy for startups

    The days of gated content and intrusive email campaigns are ending – today’s buyers demand more respect and agency in their journey. Is GTM strategy for startups all so different from enterprise? Uh… yes The fastest-growing startups realise chasing and coercing customers no longer works. Instead they focus on understanding needs, building brand affinity and…

  • startup marketing budget- in house vs on call?

    startup marketing budget- in house vs on call?

    Many businesses recognise the need for quality content to power their website and marketing, but may not fully appreciate everything involved in developing a robust content strategy. While writing the occasional blog or article seems straightforward enough, in reality producing content that consistently engages audiences requires thorough planning and effort. So what should a startup…

  • Startup Decision Making- On Easy Mode

    Startup Decision Making- On Easy Mode

    I’ve been thinking about first principles thinking for startups means breaking down complex problems to their basics, challenging assumptions, and creating innovative, tailored solutions. Naval Ravikant is someone I read a fair amount of, as well of the late Charlie Munger.  Here’s how I’d be going about “first principles thinking”  Deconstruct the Problem Suppose your startup…

  • How to not go nuts doing operations at a startup

    How to not go nuts doing operations at a startup

    Every startup is looking to reduce the time from idea –> execution. End of weekly reports are my “cheat code” for managing operations at a startup (or a few, actually). I wanted a way to- -Reduce the niggling sense of not being good enough, visible enough or just “enough” -Increase knowledge sharing across departments (in…